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I have my blog for over a year now but to be honest I didn't really experience a lot of growth and I didn't know where to begin exactly. That's why I decided to purchase this eBook and to be honest it has helped me alot especially when to comes down to approach brands and PR agencies!

 Vanessa D.


I have a YouTube channel but in the back of my mind I've always wanted to start a blog as well but saw it as maybe throwing myself to the lions. I really needed a guide to help me step by step and this eBook definitely does just that. It thought me how to make analysis from Google Analytics, how to use Adwords, tips on how to monetize a blog and how to grow on social media in today's day and age. The eBook is beautiful with a lot of images and colours what I love and very easily written for everyone to understand! I recommend this to every new blogger out there.

Kithera D.