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About Trudy

Trudy's passion for writing started at a young age when the firs desktop arrived at the Danso's household. She wanted to type her imagination so she turned to the computer to write her novels. When she would finish every novel, she would pass it on to her family members to have a read of her book. The more compliments she received the more she enjoyed writing more and more novels. 

In her early twenties she combined her passion for fashion and writing by starting her lifestyle blog back 2012 which is now called It's True Blog ( ). Over the years Trudy has gained a lot of experience in blogging. 

In 2015, she wanted to expand her knowledge on fashion marketing and how digital is emerging in that industry. She moved to London for a year to complete her master in International Fashion marketing. Today, Trudy is currently working for a multinational tech company as a digital marketeer. Furthermore she is also a freelance digital consultant and blogger.

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